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J. Moyse
Vocalist, Adelaide SA

"I can honestly say that Jenn has brought me closer than I've ever been to realising my off-and-on dream of performing since my teens!  Performing is a vulnerable position to put yourself in and the space Jenn creates is safe and encouraging yet creatively and technically challenging.  Jenn provides an honest, challenging and supportive learning environment.  If you’ve ever wanted to explore your talent and skills for whatever purpose, Jenn will expertly guide your growth in this journey."

A. Ling
Arts Psychotherapist. (ADAP)

"Engaging her professional training, experience as a composer and performing artist, along with a gentle holistic approach, Jenn has gathered together a formula to encourage the genuine voice to be set free, benefiting all who are lucky enough to attend her sessions".

G. Preston
Vocalist, Adelaide SA

"You were just what I needed the moment I needed it, Jenn - finding my voice, putting myself out there to be vulnerable in a different way. - Thank you so much."


E. Hillman,
Adelaide SA

"Coaching with Jenn has truly helped me grow as person and I am eternally grateful for the freedom of trusting myself. The depth of her expertise as a holistic voice coach is truly unique as she is able to provide technical refinements as well as really hold space for me to deeply feel into myself and express that".


S. Wright,
Lead Vocalist, Attachment Theory Band

"Jenn possesses not only an ethereal capability to convey emotional texture, but an academic grounding and understanding of technical theory which elevates her beyond the all too common constraints  of ‘those who can can't teach, and those who teach can’t do’.  I cannot give a stronger recommendation - Jenn has enhanced and inspired my vocal and musical performance more than I could ever thank her for".

T. Shardlow
Communications and Engagement professional, New Castle NSW

"Powerful, loyal, compassionate, deeply intuitive and always kind, Jen is highly sensitive to the needs of others and is equally adept at bringing out the very best in them.As a talented performer and artist, I couldn't recommend Jen highly enough as a person perfectly equipped to support another on their journey into musical empowerment".

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